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Yarra Valley Pasta

321-325 Maroondah Highway, Healesville
03 5962 1888


As you enter Yarra Valley Pasta the scent of flour and egg will transport you to rural Italy, to a time when fresh, egg based pasta was the ultimate luxury.

Maria Colaneri and her family started Yarra Valley Pasta back in 1997. With their minds full of traditional family recipes they set about creating unique, high quality pasta products with a small pasta maker. Their artisan approach and unique culinary traditions learned from their grandparents soon gained a loyal following.

Back then the Yarra Valley region was still developing its culinary identity, but Maria’s daughter, Lisa, saw the potential unfolding in front of her while she was working in the wine industry. Lisa and her family decided on the name Yarra Valley Pasta, hoping it would contribute to the growth of the region’s identity.

It’s clear that the Yarra Valley has most definitely developed a distinct gourmet identity that ranges from award-wining wine, to world-class restaurants and outstanding local produce. And Lisa has evolved too – now running Yarra Valley Pasta with a team of 10 staff members.

While Lisa still uses many of the family recipes from Italy, she has also put a creative spin on some of the pastas, collaborating with local chefs and being inspired by the local produce available to her. Since they first started making their pasta, Lisa and her family have been using Yarra Valley Dairy’s goats’ cheese in their products and smoked trout from Buxton. All of the ricotta cheese that forms the base for their filled ravioli and cannelloni comes from milk sourced from Yarra Valley and Victorian dairy farms. And, just like any quality restaurant, the range changes seasonally based on what fresh produce is available.

When figs are in season they’re paired with gorgonzola and prosciutto to create one their most popular and award winning ravioli combinations. Sweet potato, King Valley chestnut and kale is a popular winter combination while locally sourced asparagus from Koo Wee Rup with toasted almond and lemon reign the summer trade. Old favourites like spinach and ricotta or roasted pumpkin ravioli are also available.

Gnocchi is made by hand – no machines, individually rolled and cut by their busy pasta makers. All of the pasta is egg-based, made with locally sourced certified free-range eggs from nearby Kinross Farm in Kinglake, and although plain varieties are available why not try a modern twist like the linguine infused with flavours such as lemon and parsley, or chilli.

If you’re wondering what you can top your pasta with, don’t fret because Yarra Valley pasta has you covered. All of the sauces are made using traditional Colaneri family recipes that are perfect enjoyed by themselves or as the base for a rich, slow-cooked ragu.

Yarra Valley Pasta can be found in provedores locally and across the state.  It is featured on both restaurant and wedding function venues in the region.  She loves to see what amazing dishes the chefs have created with her pasta.

For Lisa, it’s all about preserving Italian heritage, getting back to basics and indulging in some little luxuries. Yarra Valley Pasta will never compromise on quality. You can taste the difference, just come and try it.