IT’S TIME TO SAY GOOD-BYECelebrating 25 Years of Yarra Valley Pasta

They say that all good things must come to an end.  For me, the time has come to take a well-earned break and to enjoy precious time with those I love and in doing so, re-group and rediscover my passion for the craft of cooking that my beautiful Mum taught me.

The business and reputation that has successfully been built over the past 25 years is not being sold.  It’s a sabbatical of sorts – the Yarra Valley Pasta brand is still alive and will be ‘parked’ for a while as I plan its next life. 

Our three properties however at 321, 323 & 325 Maroondah Highway in Healesville will be going on the market for sale.

The past two years have thrown unprecedented challenges at all of us.  Business has become more challenging – supply, logistics and staffing across the board is dominating and dampening the vibe in the food production industry and hospitality.  I have been doing this long enough now to feel that the next few years will be about ‘reacting’ to so many issues like staffing, raw material supply and inflation(!) amongst other pressing demands.  I feel fortunate to be able to ‘call it’ now which gives me the confidence to take a breath and feel really proud of what we have achieved over the past 25 years.

As a woman running a business of any kind, have a young family and care for ageing parents, there comes a point when it can all seem so over whelming – you can become an expert in being everything to everyone and feel deep down to not be doing it very well at all.  At the end of the day, when a big decision such as this needs to be made, in this case it is a simple one which is that family always comes first.

To all our valued and loyal staff over the years, the dedicated and hardworking even to those who challenged us, you all created such delicious food through your hard work and genuine appreciation for the craft of making pasta.  To our amazing industry colleagues, our primary producers and food processors, our suppliers, couriers, contractors and the thousands of people who have passed through our doors and tasted Yarra Valley Pasta, thank you.  Memories have been made of this and for that I thank you all so very much. 

FINAL TRADING DAYS AT OUR HEALESVILLE SHOP FRONT WILL BE ON FRIDAY, APRIL 1st, 2022.  Current hours of operation are Monday to Friday from 10am to 3pm. 


LISA & Family


Established in 1997, the unique culinary traditions learned from the Colaneri Family’s Italian ancestors have been successfully translated into Yarra Valley Pasta, a name synonymous with the quality and reputation of the Yarra Valley, the premier food and wine region of Australia.


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What we do

All pasta is made fresh on a weekly basis. Made by hand with the assistance of a small industrial pasta machine, our pasta is ‘laminated’ giving it a ‘fine’ texture.


Collecting and harvesting the finest ingredients from local sources helps all our products taste the best.


We take care creating our products fresh, by hand everyday to ensure only the finest produce.


Each day we take pride in delivering world-class, artisan pasta that our Italian ancestors would be proud to enjoy.