Image of Linguine with Scallops, Garlic & Lemon

Linguini with Scallops, Garlic & Lemon

This summer pasta dish is perfect for either a warm night or a sunny day with family and friends.  Yarra Valley Pasta’s Lemon & Parsley Linguine is a beautiful, light and very flavoursome cut pasta from our range and is perfectly served up once cooked simply with some cold pressed olive oil, a bit of garlic, a large handful of flat leaf parsley and more lemon juice topped with a little shaving of sharp tasty parmesan.

Ask your fishmonger about the availability of either farmed or wild Tasmanian scallops.  They are of premium quality because in Tasmania we are fortunate to have some of the purest, coldest water in the world for growing perfect scallops!

Victorian scallops, from Gippsland in particular are a versatile scallop, smaller in size compared to other scallops but have a remarkable flavour & sweetness about them.  In this recipe you could eliminate some

Serves 4

400g Yarra Valley Pasta Lemon & Parsley Linguine

400g fresh scallops

30g butter

1 Tbs Extra Virgin Olive Oil

6 spring onions

1 clove Garlic

Flat leaf parsley – I bunch

Zest & juice of 1 Lemon

3/4 cup cream

½ cup moscato


Ok, here’s what to do!

PASTA POT – place fresh pasta into a pot of simmering salted water and cook for up to 4 minutes, not as long as usual as we will be letting the pasta continue cooking in the pan with the sauce ingredients.

In a pan, sauté chopped garlic and spring onions in extra-virgin olive oil and butter for about a minute.  Add in scallops, cook on both sides for around half a minute each.  The trick to perfectly tender and juicy scallops is not to overcook them, which can make them dry and tough and remember that they do tend to shrink a little when cooked.

Gradually add in cream, lemon-zest & juice and Moscato and allow ingredients to combine and cook through for up to five minutes or until liquid is reduced.   Season to taste with salt, pepper and finish with freshly chopped parsley.

Once pasta has been drained of water, put cooked pasta into the hot pan of sauce.  It is important to continue this cooking process, allowing the laminated pasta to absorb all of the sauce’s delicious flavours and ultimately intensifying the dish.

Enjoy with a glass of cool-climate Riesling or Pinot Grigio or a nice full glass of Moscato!