Image of Tagliolini in Brodo

Tagliolini in Brodo

This is the simplest and most classic of all pasta dishes – by far our family’s favourite that is

an absolute must for the Christmas Menu. From an early age, we always looked forward to

the dish of long fine egg pasta served in a hot tasty chicken broth – our Nonna Lucia made

it, now Mum has the control (it’s my turn next so I better take note this Christmas!) It gets

served as ‘primi piatti’ which follows on from our individually plated antipasti – part of the

very ‘structured’ and traditional start to our long 6 course Christmas Day luncheon. Freshly

grated reggiano parmiggiano is served in a bowl that is graciously passed down the long

table. The women in the family are in charge of plating up this dish – imagine us scooping

up the long pasta and brodo with forks and ladles nice and neatly for 23 people at Christmas

lunch every year after a couple of glasses of Moscato!

Recipe Serves 12


3 x 400g Yarra Valley Pasta Free-Range Egg Tagliolini

1 whole free-range Chicken or boiling hen

1 Celery stick

1 medium carrot (peeled)

1 brown onion (peeled)


2 cloves of garlic

2 bay leaves

10 peppercorns


Brodo Instructions

Rinse chicken thoroughly (to avoid cloudiness). Place chicken in a large pot with the above

ingredients (keep carrot, onion, garlic and celery whole) and fill with cold water (ensure

chicken is completely covered by at least an inch). Bring to the boil and turn to a simmer for

up to two hours. While stock is cooking, you will need to ‘skim’ and discard the fat from the



To create a much clearer stock, you can make the brodo the day or night before without

skimming and discarding the fat. Let the stock set in the fridge and the fat will set on top,

making it easier to remove. Remove vegetables, bay leaves and garlic from pot (do as you

wish with remains)


Blanch pasta for 4 minutes in simmering salted water and refresh in cool water, draining and

putting aside.


Take the hen out of the stock and gently take the chicken meat off the bone, shredding it

and placing it back into the broth, ready for the blanched pasta. Alternatively, you can use

tongs to get pasta out for easy individual serves, then ladle in the broth.