Image of Prawn Raviolo with Prawn & Whiting Bisque

Prawn Raviolo with Prawn & Whiting Bisque

Pasta with seafood, especially prawns is not only a popular combination but so tasty and morish!

Our Prawn, Macadamia Nut & Chilli Raviolo, made using fresh Australian tiger prawns cooked off quickly in a hot pan with garlic, coriander and a hint of chilli then chilled and blended with Australian macadamia nuts and marscapone cheese and then filled into our award winning fresh pasta pockets are a favourite filled pasta being served up at dinner parties around town; not to mention featuring on select restaurant menus.

We are always asked what sauce to make to create this dish. This tasty bisque with a drizzle of tomato essence is simple and designed to make the fillings of the pasta the focus. This is best made when the weather is warmer and the tomatoes are at their best – big and red, ripe and juicy.

Tomato Essence:

10 Very ripe organic tomatoes

Blanche in hot water for a few minutes then take out and discard flesh, passing through a fine sieve (muslin if needed later). Place into pot and slowly cook until it becomes a syrup like consistency. Set aside after seasoning with sea salt, sugar and fine ground black pepper if needed.

(Variation-add 2 tablespoon strong green EVO Oil and mix through once off heat)

Prawn bisque:

5 Green prawns chopped and shelled rinse prawn heads thoroughly and add to other shells

1 Cup prawn shells (roasted till bright red but not brown)

2 Whiting frames chopped roughly

1 Fresh bay leaf

3 Sprigs lemon thyme

1/4 Cup Bunch parsley stalks

1 clove garlic sliced


Stock Base:

1/3 Cup Carrots

1/3 Cup Celery

1/3 Cup Leeks

2 slices of lemon rind (top to bottom no pith)

Juice of 1 lemon

1 Cup white wine


To Cook

After roasting shells place all ingredients except lemon rind in stock pan and simmer for 15 minutes and skim as needed.

Drain through a wet fine muslin cloth and reduce until flavour is right but should not be bitter.

Add rind for 5 mins after pounding lightly to release oils. Season if needed.

To Cook Pasta

Gently add snap frozen filled ravioli into a generous pot of simmering salted water and cook for up to 8 minutes. Once drained of water, place into a heated serving dish with a dash olive oil (to avoid pasta sticking to plate) and then commence to pour sauce over cooked pasta and drizzle tomato essence in pockets with Oil (test run first to get consistency right so they don’t over merge).

Variations could be to add blood orange juice and a small amount of cream to serve.