Image of Potato Gnocchi, Salsice & Broad Beans

Potato Gnocchi with Salsice, Broad Beans & Red Onion

In years past, our family would literally rear a pig or two, slaughter it during the coldest part of the year around the end of June early July. All the Nonni and great aunties and uncles would be on hand to help. These days, life is a little different and for our generation with new babies and little children, it seems a whole lot easier to buy in the meat from our trusted butcher and have him mince and season it to our traditional recipe.

Our handmade, cut & rolled potato gnocchi are wonderfully light and fluffy. They are snap frozen fresh and when cooked from frozen and added to this rustic and tasty sauce combination it’s delicious and hearty – not too heavy or stodgy!

The sweetness of the red onion combined with the saltiness of the pork salsice works. The lemon and broad beans seem perfect also. A nice, lighter option for the warmer months ahead.


1 X 500gm packet of Yarra Valley Pasta Hand Made Potato Gnocchi

60g Unsalted butter

2 Tsb olive oil

Zest & juice of 1 Lemon

2 x Italian Sausage (Spanish Chorizo is also an option)

1 x Red onion

Broad Beans x 10 or so – shelled and blanched for up to 5 minutes in simmering water


To Cook

Place snap frozen gnocchi into a generous pot of simmering salted water. Meanwhile, heat pan, add butter and red onion, gently frying for a minute or so. Add in blanched broad beans and season with some salt & pepper. Add salsice and cook through for a few minutes, being careful not to either burn or dry out. Once gnocchi is cooked, drain and then add into hot pan with butter and salsice sauce. Squeeze in lemon juice and lemon zest while tossing gnocchi and sauce in the pan. Add a generous amount of regianno or grana padano cheese, more cracked black pepper and serve.