Our Healesville shop front will be open this coming Friday and Saturday morning.

As well as our usual range of filled ravioli, sauces, freshly prepared lasagne meals and shop produce, we will have the following goodies also available.  These must be pre- ordered.Felix & Mummy making gnocchi

VANESSA’S TIRAMISU– YVP’s original recipe made by our cousin Vanessa that was a favourite on our cafe menu and in store for many years!

Serving 4-6 people is $30

CANNOLI – CHOCOLATE & VANILLA or RICOTTA & MARSCAPONE – freshly made on Saturday morning from Montano’s Patisserie.

Large individual serve $4 each

ARANCINI – ROASTED PUMPKIN these are absolutely delicious!  Snap frozen, ready to be re heated and served with our house made aioli.

10 Arancini including aioli is $25

RICH SLOW COOKED LAMB RAGU 500g Freshly made free-rang egg pappardelle will be available that will go beautifully.

Serves 4-6 is $15

Please call 5962 1888 or email through your order