Established in 1997, the unique culinary traditions learned from the Colaneri Family’s Italian ancestors have been successfully translated into Yarra Valley Pasta, a name synonymous with the quality and reputation of the Yarra Valley, the premier food and wine region of Australia.


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What our customers say

  • “While dried spelt pasta has been available for some time – and it’s an excellent product – this Yarra Valley Pasta linguine is the first fresh pasta made from spelt that we’ve seen.  Even Mr. Bites, a die hard pasta traditionalist pronounced it as good as the best conventionally made fresh product.”

    — Necia Wilden, The Age Epicure
  • “A small industrial pasta machine, first-class ingredients and an inherited understanding of the pasta – maker’s art contribute to the authentic Italian-style pasta produced by Yarra Valley Pasta at Healesville, Victoria.”

    — Gail Thomas, Coast & Country Magazine
  • “Yarra Valley Pasta has been on our foodie radar since it opened several years ago.  It takes a ‘hand made’ artisan approach to pasta and uses only free range eggs and GM free semolina.  The results speak for themselves; delicious potato gnocchi, spinach & ricotta or chicken & veal ravioli.  They also produce local specialties including smoked trout & goat’s milk cheese.  Fresh pasta sauces are on hand to complete the meal.”

    — Allan Campion & Michelle Curtis
  • “The words frozen & top quality rarely appear in close proximity in foodie conversation but Yarra Valley Pasta produces an exception.”

    — Richard Cornish, The Age Epicure
  • “Yarra Valley Pasta is an institution.”

    — Matt Preston, Delicious Magazine